Young Adult

Our young adult group meets every Saturday at 2 pm in the parish rectory. We start the evening off with some social time for fellowship to help us build stronger relationships. After our social time, learn more about our faith together in a variety of ways based on the week. Sometimes we learn about different types of prayer like lectio divina or Ignatian contemplation other times we do bible studies. We sometime will hear witness talks from one of our regular attendees. We always conclude with 30 minutes of adoration in the upper church to reflect and thank God for all that he is doing in our lives. Some weeks adoration will be silent and other weeks, we will have praise and worship music accompanying us in our prayer. We end at 4 pm, but for those who like to socialize, we will often hang out after and occasionally grab food together.

If you can't make our Saturday meeting, we encourage you to fill out form below so we can let you know of other things we do as a group and add you to our group chat. We have done games nights, attended basketball games and regularly serve in our community together so there are other times you can connect with us.

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