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Welcome Home!

Welcome back to the Catholic Church. No matter how long you have been gone, you are welcome here! You are part of the body that makes up the church and we are thankful you have returned and hope you can bring your gifts and talents to strengthen the church all while growing closer to Christ and with members of our parish. 

God in his infinite mercy wants a relationship with you! You may have neglected your relationship with God at times, but like the prodigal son, God joyfully accepts you back and will forgive you of all your sins of the past. To fully experience God's forgiveness and mercy, receiving the sacrament of reconciliation is a very important step to coming home to the church. In this sacrament, you confess your sins to a priest and he absolves you of all the sins of your past. This sacrament helps us see eye to eye with God once again and restore our relationship with Him and the church. God gives you a fresh start and all you need to do is ask.

We offer the sacrament 30 minutes before each mass until the start of mass or you can schedule a meeting with one of our priest at a different time.

You may also want to get involve in one of our many ministries offered at St. Michael's and St. Rose of Lima. Getting involved with ministry is a great way to grow in our faith and gives you the opportunity to share your gifts given by God and be supported by others with their gifts. Click here for ministries to get involved in.

Guide to Confession/Reconciliation

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